[FTVGirls] Alana (Dolly Leigh) - Frisky Gamer Girl + Photo Sets (03.25.16) 1080p [Split Scenes] (10.9 GB)

[FTVGirls] Alana (Dolly Leigh) - Frisky Gamer Girl + Photo Sets (03.25.16) 1080p [Split Scenes]


[FTVGirls] Alana (Dolly Leigh) - Frisky Gamer Lady + Picture Sets (03.25.16) 1080p [Split Scenes]

[FTVGirls] Alana - Frisky Gamer Girl “Cutie Enjoys Anal” (03.25.16) 1080p

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[FTVGirls] Alana - Frisky Gamer Girl “More Experimental” (03.25.16) 1080p

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[FTVGirls] Alana (Dolly Leigh) - Frisky Gamer Woman + Photography Pieces (03.25.16) 1080p [Split Scenes]

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Site: FTVGirls
Year: 2016
Stars: Alana (Dolly Leigh)
Movie: CODEC (AVC/Mp4), DECISION (1080 x 1280p) and FRAME RATE (29.97 fps)
Audio: CODEC (AAC), SAMPLE FREQUENCY (44,100 kHz) and BIT DEPTH (16-bit)

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Alana's StatisticsAge: 23 | Height: 5'6" | Figure: 34B-26-36

She's a supercute, doe-eyed sexy gal that has a fun, kinky and fresh type of sex, and she's about hoping new issues for FTV... Starting with hazardous public nudity! We meet her in a sassy mall, where she shows green pumps and her quite appealing attire off, hunting like a fashion-model straight out of the commercial. Its a lot more than that, of course... And she ends up taking her panties off and sporting her very individual components underneath! When her breasts pop-out her nipples get and stay,! We subsequently notice her locate a vibe that is dense in her handbag, and she utilizes it to a solid orgasm while deep penetrating himself with it, right-on the actions outdoors! Its an orgasm that is incredible with some vaginal contractions that are very good. It creates dance and her feel spunky, to try nude for the reason that public place! She doesn't have any tattoos on her skin that is stunning. Back, she utilizes the Magic gadget to a different powerful climax, with noticeable genital contractions, and milky wet drinks. Her drinks are tasted by her, then develops, showing her swollen clit, and having fun with her labia that are long. She attempts to gape for your very first time... She sets her hair and tries on a adorable small miniskirt and best, parading around a park. She just brings one to her red panties, and is so lovely in her clothing. She sneaks into an office, where she advances and fingers herself, then moves anal... One finger then two, she penetrates himself down there till its period for a butt plug! She hadn't used one so far, and it takes some function, but watch her butt wrap and spread around the plug, as she fucks herself anally with it! Back, she earnings to go to the 3rd and greatest one, hardly which makes it, pressing her limitations and has two greater butt plugs! Then three fingers in her booty attempts, and gaping... In order to complete himself off, she employs the Vibraking Doll in combination using a glass toy, and has another climax! Later in a resort, where we appreciate her in vibrant pumps and another sexy costume, searching really leggy, we see her within the morning... Sufficient reason for a long cucumber in her palm. It is given a blowjob, then penetrates himself with it, proceeding anally and vaginally by her! Finding a counter in a dangerous, public spot, she remains to play with himself, using a glass toy and fingertips... At a restaurant, she fingers herself underneath the table, then does a dance that is frisky for the audio right while in the hallway of the restaurant! At home, she dances in the bare as well as in stockings, just to more audio, having a lot of fun with it. Foot fetish is next, with her drawing on her toes, and and her very feet playing... Then rubbing her heel on her clit! We subsequently reach enjoy her breasts, as and draws on her nipples. In a green bowtie in her hair as well as an adorable tiny bright jacket, she plays with himself outside to another orgasm, within the sun, then utilizes the Wand toy again... Along with her thighs up like that you really reach see those contractions! She is not truly dry inside, and fingering herself the drinks are heard by you. She really does appreciate playing with console and Laptop games, thus we view her do some gambling using the PC, while she's cycling a dildo! it is ground about by her, but eventually loses control of her recreation to enter himself together with the green dildo that is solid. Exactly what a complete cutie, an actual lady-nearby form who enjoys orgasms, and tinkering with fresh items on FTV:)

[FTVGirls] Alana - Frisky Gamer Girl “Cutie Loves Anal” (03.25.16) 1080p

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[FTVGirls] Alana - Frisky Gamer Gal “More Experimental” (03.25.16) 1080p

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