Loser Takes It All / Неудачник Делает Все (David Collins, Brigade Studios / Celestial Entertainment) [2005 г., Twinks, Anal/Oral Sex, Duets, Cumshots, DVDRip] (1.36 GB)

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Loser Takes It All / Неудачник Делает Все (David Collins, Brigade Studios / Celestial Entertainment) [2005 г., Twinks, Anal/Oral Sex, Duets, Cumshots, DVDRip]


Loser Takes Everything / Неудачник Делает Все

Год выпуска: 2005 г.

Страна: Europe

Жанр: Twinks, Anal/Oral Sex, Duets, Cumshots

Продолжительность: 1:18:28

Размер: 1,493,188,956 bytes

Режиссер: Mark Collins

Студия: Brigade Studios / Celestial Entertainment

В ролях: Alexandre Pleintemps, Daniel Hanson, Elvis D'urfee, Julian LeCoq, Lucas DuSolei, Mischa Viaeu, Simon LeMieux, Suny Tessier

Описание: In Brigade Galleries' Loser Takes It-All it is not how you enjoy the game that matters,
It really is whether playing the game results in intercourse!
Daniel and Julian are jogging towards the playground to meet with some buddies when it starts to rainfall.
They mind back again to Julian's position where, for insufficient something simpler to do and then change,
They enjoy strippoker together with the caveat that loser requires all of it. Since the fingers are performed and also the garments come down, Julian ends up "conclusion-up",
Dropping or maybe succeeding the game dependant on your perspective. The beginner - short,
Attractive Daniel and dark - demonstrates to be always a profitable top creating an enormous load to be shot by Julian allover.
Their hand tries in a French-Canadian boardgame, French-Kiss. With each roll of the dice,
The participants are attracted a growing number of into situations that were seductive, receiving card after card with attractive guidelines -
from easy caressing to flat out love-making. Finishing in a draw, Elvis fucks super-straight Suny that is, butch and buffed;
Subsequently Suny requires his convert fucking Elvis, significantly to Elvis' pleasure.
Simon and Mischa try their hand at the attempted-and- word-game Scrabble that is genuine,
Because they may to become excellent but attempt,, each concept they produce becomes a growing number of suggestive.
Adolescent Mischa, missing Simon's vocabulary, ultimately capitulates and finds himself around the acquiring
End-of the largest wang his sweet, easy little brown booty has previously attempted!
Finally, Alexandre and Lucas test their manual dexterity enjoying a game title of Fooze Ball (table soccer).
Both qualified participants, Lucas' youth finally succumbs before he cums with all the assistance of Alexandreis substantial tool and cannot fit Alexandreis skill.

Описание сцен
Loser Takes All Of It - World 1
It is fuck period for Julian LeCoq. No further cuddling for those two studly guys, it really is time to ease one another the recent beef injection. Julian stinks on Danielis massive thick penis like a winner, wrapping his pink lips round the stiff base of it. The inventors trade off and after that there go of toned legs a set up in to a tight butt within the oxygen as that enormous cock glides -gap. It's a significant booty- fucking and then the major weak tool goes into Julianis mouth for some suckage. He strokes him to an explosive moneyshot.
Julian LeCoq, Hanson
Length 46s
Loser Takes All Of It - World 2
Elvis D'urfee and Tessier got together to play a game that's entertaining for just two. It practically ensures that you get your sucked, toes massaged, penis sucked, bottom-pit licked. Holy shit, this sport didn't consider too much time to have the portion that is nice as both people have their alluring cocks out and in each others' mouth. Suny wraps his hard penis with a cock-ring that is studded to send lovely Elvis' tight-ass with his pulsating pecker. Both men relax to hot sloppy cumshots to the chair and stroke themselves. It truly is so hot as the jizz sprays down each man's ripped physique.
Elvis D'urfee, Suny Tessier
Length 23s
Loser Takes All Of It - Picture 3
Wow, Simon Le Mieux and Mischa Viaeu are secured in a challenge of scrabble until Simon demands that he be "paid" for his victory. And like this we are enjoying him load his friend's mouth using a massive dick. These bookworms understand how to obtain fuck-on and get it-done with a few gay 69, foot- licking, and pretty booty -fucking. They work fun to get a handful of homosexual boys' field. Once the enjoyment is visiting a finish the other person is worked by the guys into a furious climax complete with two significant lots of sizzling jizz.
Mischa Viaeu LeMieux
Length 10s
Loser Takes Everything - World 4
Betting on a recreation of Foosball the loser really needs his bottom up and go on it all. Lucas wins the match and impatiently begins receiving each other bare and kissing Alexandre. As Alexandre eases Lucas' shorts down he continues on his hips to provide him a blow job . Lucas pushes him back against the Foosball and deep-throats his complete length before converting over him to offer his ass a riff. Bracing himself contrary to the stand Alexandre lifts up his bottom to permit Lucas penetrate his asshole along with his long hard tool. Transferring to the sofa Alex's feet are behind his brain for losing as he is punished by Lucas.
Alexandre Pleintemps
Period: 19m 22s

Качество: DVDRip

Разрешение: 720x540

Формат: AVI

Видео кодек: XviD

Аудио кодек: MP3

Video: XviD ISO MPEG-4, 720x540, 1:18:28, 2447 kbps, 30.000 fps

Audio: MPEG 1 Level 3, 48000Hz, 86 kbps VBR, 2 channel(s)




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