Gloria and Sydne Gloria and Sydne 24 minutes
Selma and Sydney 2 Selma and Sydney 2 20 minutes
Whitney and Colin 2 Whitney and Colin 2 20 minutes
Whitney and Colin Whitney and Colin 19 minutes
Sherry and Sydney Sherry and Sydney 19 minutes
Emily and John Emily and John 20 minutes
Michelle and Felix Michelle and Felix 19 minutes
Gordana and Sydney Gordana and Sydney 17 minutes
Ellie and Tom Ellie and Tom 17 minutes
Selma and Sydney Selma and Sydney 18 minutes
Joanna and Murray Joanna and Murray 16 minutes
Mary and Sydney Mary and Sydney 16 minutes
Sarah and Gary Sarah and Gary 14 minutes
Britney and Gary Britney and Gary 22 minutes
Busy and Sydney Busy and Sydney 18 minutes

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